Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Aged Contemporary Dance

Check out the hottest new dance company birthed in Atlanta, GA. This company, gloATL has inspired and entertained many across the metro Atlanta. The founder, Lauri Stallings, has worked with many choreographers, companies, and even rappers. You might of heard of the Batsheva Dance Company, Hubbard Street, Atlanta Ballet, Janelle Monae, Big Roob, and Big Boi. I, myself, had the chance to experience Lauri Stallings and the "Gaga" technique that is going global. Lauri is currently a faculty member at Kennesaw State University who challenges your intellect and your body.

Come out and see the performance "Bloom" at the arteries of Lenox Mall. Free of charge. The premiere is February 12th at 7pm. Other dates are February 13th and 14th at 4pm. Dont just hear about uniqueness. Come. Witness. Uniqueness

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Atlanta's Hottest Artist

*McWeirdo - living through what you think is attractive. Comfortable in your own skin. Express incredible artistic ability and respect all artistic forms ( music, dance, poetry, art, photography, spoken word, opera, fashion ) Creating trends that seem bizarre, but then leading millions of people in the same direction. - Camia Green

Just like most of you, I'm dying for the second suite from Janelle Monae to come out. A little birdie told me that her first single "Come Alive" is out and on iTunes. She is one of the "McWeirdos" who is putting artistry and "real music" back in the ATL! Excuse me??? What??? You don't know who Janelle Monae is? How bout I introduce you to this Grammy - Award nominated singer and McWeirdo who is currently with Wondaland Arts Society ( W.A.S )